BRAVO Double Shaper

$19.95 $24.95

Shapes your breaks and prevents nipple show-through.  The Double Shaper is one of the most comfortable, noteworthy styles.  Their circular design enhances the bust line for a fuller, more defined breast shape while looking perfectly natural.  Padded bras are a good start, but nothing beats Bravo when it comes to enhancing the "Girls" 

• Fuller, more defined bustline
• Prevents squishing and flattening
• Modesty cover for Bandeau + 1-piece Swinsuits + Bras



Bravo push-up bra padding inserts may be sewn, pinned, or placed in your garment for natural looking breast lift.

Colors: Nude
Fabric: Soft Foam Padding
Size: XXL
Delivery: 1 Week
Order Type: In Stock



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