BUYER BEWARE: Only Buy from Authorised Retailers

DRESSIFY is an authorized stockist of each of the designer labels it carries. 

To be sure that if you are buying online from a legitimate retailer that is not selling copies you can use the following checklist as a guide to help you.

 1. Check the prices of the gowns available. Although buying online is cheaper than buying your favorite brands in store, prices that seem too good to be true and are discounted by hundreds of dollars are likely to be copies made in china. Designers can not buy the lace, tulle and chiffon fabric alone for that tempting low price - let a lone make an entire gown and accent it with crystals.

2. Check the imagery the website uses. If faces of models are pixelated or blurred, its likely that the gowns pictured are a reproduction of the original. Also beware of phrases such as 'inspired by' and 'similar to" etc.

3.Check that the branding of the labels have been spelt correctly and look for authentic tags, stays and garment labels on your gown when it arrives. If these are missing. The gown is not likely not to be from an authorized stockist.

4. Designer gowns are not made specifically to your measurements but a standard size. If a website asks for more than your bust, waist and hip measurements  - such as your height, shoulder to shoulder length etc, your gown is probably a counterfeit.

Here is an example of an allure gown that has been bought from a counterfeit website. The quality is no where near that of the authentic designer gowns.



There are literally 12 million results on Google for designer wedding gown copies.  The odds of finding a GOOD copy are VERY limited. There are many fake positive reviews.  Don’t take the risk and end up with a disaster for the most important fashion day of your life. 

Here is a list of just some of the websites that we know are selling poor quality reproductions, by using photography on their website taken from genuine designers. The comments beside the links are the words of the brides who purchased their dress from the website. and - "Wrong size tried to send it back and was told that they would burn it and i would get no refund..."  and – "Poor quality, returned no refund" - "Yes I bought mine from there amazing picture of it online, received it noticed a couple of marks on the dress.  Didn't think much of it went to get it fitted and the zip was wonky, I had a square train, and the marks I had noticed were machine oil which doesn't come out. There was bit of material just hanging out without being sown in some of the detailing was hanging off the general shape of the dress was just awful. Emailed them and they said there was nothing they could do I had to put up with it! Awful customer service and just general service!" – "Light in the Box is NOT legit. They use the designer's photos and send their copy of the dress. I bought a weddingdress from there and it was awful. It had large silver sequins instead of beading like the designer had, it had no crinoline, heck it had no LINING - It was just the outer layer. The satin was the same low quality, limp fabric that all of these places are peddling." - "Not as picture. No net, added bits." - "Lace frayed completely wrong size all different coloured thread attached made with what looked like net curtains took 2 months longer than what they said to make covered in stains. Cost £200, and no refund." - "I expected a genuine Benjamin Roberts discontinued dress, I got a very very very poorly made dress nothing like the one I ordered, I got money back through credit card company but never got a response from them to my many many complaints. The package came without a return address or details." - "Wrong size and colour, no refund." – "Nothing like pictured". - "Fake picture, dress not the same, made of poor material"